S​/​T EP

by Drawing Water

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rebecca riley
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rebecca riley my heart keeps breaking, over and over, each day i am away from these sweet sweet buds. hearing Rebecca's earnest and honest voice and lyrics, and this rockin iteration of the band, makes the distance between us shrink. her music remains intimate even with the harder instrumentation and darker melodic turns. Favorite track: Showers of Stones.
Ian Martyn
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Ian Martyn This is the first time I've heard the Drawing Water material that stands apart from that of Watercolor Paintings. Drawing Water is definitely a lot rougher around the edges (so to speak), and that's definitely a good thing. I love the rawness of this EP and can't wait to pick up a tape the next time I see them in person! Favorite track: Showers of Stones.
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released December 4, 2015

Sean Nieves: drums
Ricky Martyr: guitar
Krista Marquez: bass
Rebecca Redman: guitar/vox

Recorded by Ilya Arbatman at the Butter Dungeon in Berkeley, CA in May of 2015. Mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden.

Art by Emma Repp.

Lauren Records



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Drawing Water Oakland, California

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Track Name: Livid Being
If ever I wake a few hours before you,
all I can do is watch the movements of your eyelids.
As they tell me emotions you're dreaming,
the content somehow controls your breathing.
So wake up living being.
The smell of sleep takes all the feeling.
Why do we fall asleep angry?
"Don't know how to talk now," we say.

If we try and we try, we could get by,
but why would we try?
If we try and we try, we could get by,
but why would we?
Oh this bitter, silent streak.
woe serial me.
If we try, if we try, if we try

we'd sink into
the thoughtlessness you threw me,
all your kisses blew right by me.
You absorbed into me,
took all my love, gave me nothing—
but your sincerity.
You're simply soul.
You turned out to be
a simple human,
can't talk about your feelings.

But I can feel the bodies get so tense,
I feel restless in my own movements.
First sign of insecurity:
you turn away from me while we're sleeping.

So wake up livid being.
Cut my words in thirds, I'm reeling.
The difference between what we say and what we mean,
what we say and what we don't know how to say.
Track Name: Walking
Over time, we're not worth keeping.
You're the one I will be seeing.
Cold tonight, dim decision.
You're the one I'm always leaving.
Over now, the plums are turning.
You're the one who'll always reach them.
Lately I've been feeling, falling for you.

We walk on by the ships we sing by.
Filling time in the space between my eyes and
lately I've been walking home.
Lately I've been walking.

I am the bay, I'm not to be bothered.
We've recovered a body of clay.
Will you walk above me?
Feel the weight on my back, I'm breathing.
Track Name: Showers of Stones
You always know what time it is, you're a clock.
Diary of dead things.
There's more to bodies than muscle and bone.
The danger's real, we know little about it.
What we know, we ignore.

Time is beginning and this morning is June.
It's a time that is strangely new.
In these seconds, I have lived a lifetime
in a house with stones falling inside.

Can't decide what to live like.
Living a life with sick inside.

Whatever walks here walks alone.
And there are always showers of stones.
Track Name: Big City
Oh big city,
why won't you swallow me?
Oh how they wasted me.
Oh big city,
why won't you swallow me?
Oh how the west ruined me.
We build maps of our days, careful construction.
Oh, but how we get plucked from them.
From this big, dark, old ocean.

So won't you look at me instead of staring blankly?
Oh transparency, tell me, "do you want me?"
I'm sick of lying on my side,
staring into empty green eyes.

Oh, and I can see your bones through your skin.

Oh, cartography, tell me, "do you want me?"
This big water can disrupt anything.
All I wanted from this city
was the prove that I could be ready.
Track Name: So Dark
Don't you forget me.
You promised you wouldn't.
I fear if you do,
you won't leave me any room to regret.
Oh in this room,
it's always so dark, I can only see when you move.

And don't you forget me.
Won't you forget everything?
I wake up in the morning.
I wake up in the morning and feel like I could sleep through the evening.
Please tell me
that you won't forget me.

My heart, it keeps breaking over and over.
My heart, it keeps breaking over and over.
My heart.
Track Name: Orbweaver
Diamond sea, take my body.
The ocean keeps you.
The ocean keeps you.

Steady glowing; ball of fire falling,
meet me at the center,
flatter perimeter.

Won't you guide my hips first?
Set a sight. We cannot feel our socks are wearing thin.
I let my hair dry on the side of the road.

The orbweaver breathes in the space between the live oak trees.
Let the net catch me and stick to me.
I draw hands holding hands, lifting sacks of flour,
it's been more than an hour.